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Private Financing of Renewable Energy: A Guide for Policymakers

This Guide provides an outline of how financing Renewable Energy works, with a particular focus on more mature end of the market i.e. the proven technologies that can be deployed now and at scale.

Author: Sophie Justice
Release date: 12.2009
Public Finance Mechanisms to Mobilise Investment in Climate Change Mitigation

This report provides an overview of PFMs that mobilise and leverage commercial financing, build commercially sustainable markets, and increase capacity to deliver clean energy and other climate-mitigation technologies, projects and businesses.

Author: John Mclean, Jason Tan, Dennis Tirpak, Virginia Sonntag-O'Brien, Eric Usher
Release date: 08.2008
Publicly Backed Guarantees As Policy Instruments to Promote Clean Energy

This report is the second in the financing mechanisms series of SEF Alliance studies, each of which looks in-depth at a specific type of public finance instrument used for building clean energy markets.

Author: Wolfgang Mostert, Kristina Johnson, John MacLean
Release date: 08.2011
Regional Private Sector Consultation

Supporting the Work of the Transitional Committee for the Design of the Green Climate Fund

Author: Jan G. Andreas; Ulf Moslener
Release date: 08.2011
Renewable Energy in Hybrid Mini-Grids and Isolated Grids: Economic Benefits and Business Cases

This analysis compares diesel plants to a ‘100-percent-peak PV penetration’ hybrid tech­no­logy, with which existing diesel generators can be switched off during peak availability of solar radiation.

Author: Hirak Al-Hammad, Torsten Becker, Andrea Bode, Srishti Gupta and Silvia Kreibiehl
Release date: 05.2015
Results-Based Climate Finance in Practice : Delivering Climate Finance for Low-Carbon Development

The Paris Agreement has defined a global action plan to put the world on track to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C above preindustrial levels.

Author: Felicity Spors, Klaus Oppermann, Caroline Ott, Charis Lypiridis, and Pablo Benitez (World Bank); Christine Gruening, Menglu Zhuang, Ulf Moslener, and Silvia Kreibiehl (Frankfurt School)
Release date: 05.2017
Seed Capital Assistance Facility

Seed Capital Assistance Facility Brochure

Release date: 03.2017
Şeker Süt- Konya Şeker AS. – Ultra-Clima Green House Project

In the framework of the Centre's TurSEFF project Vakifbank financed 98% of a ‘Ultra Clima Green House Hydroponics-type’ for Şeker Süt Gida Mamülleri san ve tic. A.Ş.

Author: FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainble Energy Finance
Release date: 06.2014
Sonnemann - Copy & Waste

Copy & Waste – A Magazine on Climate Justice

Author: Carolyn Braun, Kerstin Friemel, Markus Gerhard, Genia Kostka, Marcus Müller, Marcus Pfeil
Release date: 07.2011
Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy - Mombasa, Kenya

The Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy in Mombasa, Kenya (20 - 25 October 2013) is specifically tailored to African needs.

Release date: 04.2013