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ABPS: Opportunities in Financing Renewable Energy Projects Focusing on FiT and RECs

This presentation was created for the Renewable Energy Finance Symposium - Innovations, Risks & Opportunities - an Executive Evening on 11 April 2012 organised by the Centre and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Author: ABPS Infrastructure Advisory Private Limited
Release date: 04.2012
Clean and Productive?: Empirical Evidence from the German Manufacturing Industry

Research Policy Vol. 41(2)

Author: Christoph Böhringer, Ulf Moslener, Ulrich Oberndorfer, and Andreas Ziegler
Release date: 03.2012
Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy 2012

We are proud to present our two Summer Academies for 2012. For the past two consecutive years the SEF Summer Academy has been successfully offered

Release date: 02.2012
National Climate Finance Institutions - Their Challenges and how the "Fit for the Funds" Programme can respond to them

This paper summarises the outcomes of regional workshops where National Climate Finance Institutions (NCFIs) shared their experience and addressed specific challenges they face when accessing and utilising climate finance.

Author: Frankfurt School - UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate and Sustainable Energy Financ
Release date: 01.2012
Climate Finance Innovation Facility Brochure

The Climate Finance Inovation Facility (CFIF) as one of the Collaborating Centre's flagship projects supports finance-industry engagement in the new climate sectors Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE).

Release date: 11.2011
National Climate Finance Institutions Support Programme

The National Climate Finance Institutions Support Programme (NCFISP) facilitates investment in climate change mitigation and adaptation by building institutional capacities and skills.

Release date: 10.2011
Feasibility Study on Access to Financing for RE Appliance for Rural Poor in Cambodia

VisionFund Cambodia, under the frame of the UNEP Climate Finance Innovation Facility, commissioned Frankfurt School of Finance & Management to conduct a detailed feasibility study on access to financing for RE appliance for rural poor in Cambodia.

Author: Jan G. Andreas, Alicia Rondón-Krummheuer, Indrani Hettiarachchy, Tobias Panofen
Release date: 10.2011
Finanzierung Erneuerbarer Energien

Until 2050 Renewable Energies are supposed to cover about half of the entire German energy demand. This expansion of Renewable Energies is not just proceeding rapidly on a national level but worldwide.

Author: Markus Gerhard / Thomas Rüschen / Armin Sandhövel
Release date: 10.2011
Regional Private Sector Consultation

Supporting the Work of the Transitional Committee for the Design of the Green Climate Fund

Author: Jan G. Andreas; Ulf Moslener
Release date: 08.2011
Publicly Backed Guarantees As Policy Instruments to Promote Clean Energy

This report is the second in the financing mechanisms series of SEF Alliance studies, each of which looks in-depth at a specific type of public finance instrument used for building clean energy markets.

Author: Wolfgang Mostert, Kristina Johnson, John MacLean
Release date: 08.2011