Policy Brief: Enhancing direct access to the Green Climate Fund

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Policy Brief: Enhancing direct access to the Green Climate Fund

The Climate Finance Advisory Service (CFAS) is a project offers negotiators, policy makers and advisors in developing countries to access the tailored information and guidance they need to participate effectively in global climate finance negotiations. For the fourth meeting 26-28 June 2013 of the Green Climate Funde  in Songdo (Republic of Korea), Germanwatch and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management published the second project policy brief “Enhancing direct access to the Green Climate Fund”. This policy brief contributes to the ongoing debate around access modalities for the GCF and explains the terminology around ‘direct access’ and ‘enhanced direct access’, outlining the competencies and capacities needed at each institutional level to achieve direct access, reviews recent experience of using the direct access approach in international climate funds and makes recommendations to the GCF Board and others.


Johannes Berliner, Christine Grüning, Carola Menzel (Frankfurt School), Sven Harmeling (Germanwatch), with support from Libasse Ba (ENDA TM Senegal), Alix Mazounie (CAN France), Linde Griesshaber and Alpha Kaloga (Germanwatch)
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June, 2013
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