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Taxing Externalities Under Financing Constraints

The Economic Journal Vol. 127(606)

Author: Florian Hoffmann, Roman Inderst, and Ulf Moslener
Release date: November, 2017
On the Effects of Unilateral Environmental Policy on Offshoring in Multi-Stage Production Processes

Canadian Journal of Economics (forthcoming)

Author: Oliver Schenker, Simon Koesler and Andreas Löschel
Release date: September, 2017
Directed Technical Change and Energy Intensity Dynamics: Energy Efficiency vs. Structural Change

The Energy Journal (forthcoming)

Author: Christian Haas and Karol Kempa
Release date: July, 2017
National Promotional Banks as Active Financiers: The Case of KfW

Book Chapter forthcoming in Oxford University Press, 2018

Author: Ulf Moslener, Matthias Thiemann, and Peter Volberding
Release date: April, 2017
International Adaptation Funding and the Donor’s Welfare Maximization

In: Climate Finance: Theory and Practice

Author: Oliver Schenker and Gunter Stephan
Editor: Anil Markandya, Ibon Galarraga, and Dirk Rübbelke
Release date: March, 2017
Climate Policy with the Chequebook – An Economic Analysis of Climate Investment Support

Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy Vol. 6(1)

Author: Karol Kempa and Ulf Moslener
Release date: March, 2016
Guarantees for Green Markets: Potential and Challenges

This publication outlines the challenges of investing in low-carbon and climate-resilient technologies and activities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Author: Aldana, Marco; Braly-Cartillier, Isabelle; Shuford, Laura Susanne
Editor: Netto, Maria; Gomes Lorenzo, José Juan
Release date: November, 2014
Economic Efficiency of Climate Finance

Governments have employed a number of market-based/economic instruments  to support climate change policy goals, such as encouraging emission reductions, with the intention of minimising costs.

Author: Karol Kempa, Prof. Dr. Ulf Moslener
Release date: June, 2014
Direct access to international climate finance and associated fiduciary standards

The publication outlines the minimum fiduciary standards and direct access requirements of the AF and GEF and describes the details of their application processes.

Author: Laura Druce, Christine Grüning and Carola Menzel
Release date: May, 2014
How monitoring climate finance can really help

In the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change, international support plays a major role.

Author: Johannes Berliner, Dr. Christine Grüning, Prof. Dr. Ulf Moslener, Carola Menzel
Release date: December, 2013