Options for Estimating Mobilised Private Climate Finance

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Options for Estimating Mobilised Private Climate Finance

The OECD-led Research Collaborative on Tracking Private Climate Finance (OECD RC) and a number of  governments/ministries involved in it have begun to conduct studies to estimate mobilized private climate finance in the context of the Copenhagen Climate Finance Commitments to mobilize USD 100 billion of climate finance by 2020.

Based on the current status of the OECD RC’s work and the input of the TWG, the aim of this study is to develop different options (Scenarios) for estimating mobilised private climate finance. For some of these Scenarios, first quantifications are presented, i.e. some estimates on mobilisation factors, which are based on broader information and estimations retrieved from the body of related literature. Subsequently, the Scenarios are discussed along the predefined criteria of the OECD RC: accuracy, practicality, incentives, and potential for. The study aims to allow for an informed discussion on a political and technical level.


Karol Kempa / Ulf Moslener
Release date: 
October, 2016
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Research papers
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