Case Study: The Thai Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund (EERF)

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Case Study: The Thai Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund (EERF)

In 2003 the Government of Thailand launched the Thai Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund (EERF) as part of its Energy Conservation Programme. The EERF works to overcome barriers within the Thai financial sector to stimulate adequate financing for energy efficiency and reduce the country's greenhouse gas emissions.

This case study offers a sufficient background to the development of the EERF and provides an overview of the macroeconomic situation and the evolution of climate change policies in Thailand. It focuses on the EERF, its funding sources, design, administration, and impacts, including project examples and energy savings.

The Centre's EERF case study is now available in the following languages:

French: Le Fonds d'Efficacité Énergétique Thailandais
Spanish: El Fondo Rotatorio de Tailandia para la Eficiencia Energética


Christine Grüning, Carola Menzel, Tobias Panofen, and Laura Susanne Shuford
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September, 2012
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Case Study
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