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Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2015

Renewables Re-energized: Green Energy Investments Worldwide Surge 17% to $270 Billion in 2014

Editor: Angus McCrone (Lead Author, Chief Editor), Ulf Moslener (Lead Editor), Eric Usher, Christine Grüning, Virginia Sonntag-O'Brien
Release date: 03.2015
Finanzierung Erneuerbarer Energien

Until 2050 Renewable Energies are supposed to cover about half of the entire German energy demand. This expansion of Renewable Energies is not just proceeding rapidly on a national level but worldwide.

Author: Markus Gerhard / Thomas Rüschen / Armin Sandhövel
Release date: 10.2011
Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2011

The Global Trends Report 2011 offers an elaborate analysis of Trends and Issues in the financing of renewable energy.

Editor: Angus McCrone, Eric Usher, Virginia Sonntag-O'Brien, Ulf Moslener, Jan G. Andreas, Christine Grüning
Release date: 06.2011
Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2010

New investment in Sustainable Energy in 2009 was $162 billion, down from a revised $173 billion in 2008.

Author: Alice Hohler, Alice Tyne, Fatma Ben Fadhl, Nicole Aspinall, Richard Greenwood, Rohan Boyle
Release date: 07.2010
Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2009

This report presents the financial perspective on the current state of play in the development of Sustainable Energy in 2009.

Author: Chris Greenwood, Eric Usher, Virginia Sonntag-O'Brien
Release date: 08.2009
MEbA Microcredit Brochures Peru and Colombia

Brochure Colombia 2015: “Microcredits to reduce the vulnerability of small farmers against climate risks - the perspective of the Colombian Andes”

Release date: 09.2015
Microfinance for Ecosystem based - Project factsheet

The Microfinance for Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change (MEbA) project increases the resilience of vulnerable rural population in the Northern Andes of Peru and Colombia in the face of changing climate by means of financial products and services.

Release date: 09.2015
Newsletter - Volume 8

Access to clean energy solutions and information related to climate change is increasingly important, judging from the impact that it already has on the livelihoods of populations world-wide.

Author: FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre
Release date: 06.2015
Renewable Energy in Hybrid Mini-Grids and Isolated Grids: Economic Benefits and Business Cases

This analysis compares diesel plants to a ‘100-percent-peak PV penetration’ hybrid tech­no­logy, with which existing diesel generators can be switched off during peak availability of solar radiation.

Author: Hirak Al-Hammad, Torsten Becker, Andrea Bode, Srishti Gupta and Silvia Kreibiehl
Release date: 05.2015
MEbA Newsletter March 2015

This Newsletter was elaborated in the context of the project MEbA "Microfinance for Ecosystem-based Adaptation"

Author: UNEP & Frankfurt School - UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance
Release date: 03.2015