Turkey Sustainable Energy Finance Facility

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Turkey Sustainable Energy Finance Facility

The Turkey Sustainable Energy Finance Facility is a refinancing facility of USD 200 million provided by EBRD and the Clean Technology Fund to four Turkish banks dedicated to promote:

  • Commercial Energy Efficiency investments;
  • Stand-alone small scale Renewable Energy investments;
  • Building sector Energy Efficiency and renewable energy investments;
  • Energy efficiency and Renewable Energy in the residential sector; and
  • Investment loans for eligible manufacturers, suppliers and installers of Energy Efficiency and renewable energy technology, equipment and materials.

Within the project Frankfurt School of Finance & Management was part of a consortium that provided tailor-made technical assistance (TA) to the banks and borrowers (investors). FS experts focused on supporting the design, launch, marketing, and successful operation of the facility. The team was furthermore responsible for the definition of technical eligibility criteria and the appraisal of sub-projects against these criteria.

For further information on the project please refer to the following case studies:

1) Şeker Süt- Konya Şeker AS. – Ultra-Clima Green House Project

2) Karadeniz – Process Machine Replacement


Project Manager: 

Torsten Becker

FS-UNEP Centre
Senior Project Manager


Project duration: 
06.2010 to 11.2012