Technical Assistance for the Cook Islands to Submit an Application to the Adaptation Fund for NIE Status

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Technical Assistance for the Cook Islands to Submit an Application to the Adaptation Fund for NIE Status

The Cook Islands, which belongs to the Pacific Small Island Developing States (PICs), are among the most vulnerable countries to climate change globally. Partially due to their geographic isolation and remoteness, the PICs demonstrate considerable variety in the degree and type of climate variability and vulnerability.  The responses of the PICs and other small-island developing states to the threats of climate change are directly influenced by their specific national priorities and in-country management of climate change projects and programmes. To help the islands better cope with the effects of climate change at the national level, the Cook Islands, and specifically the Development Coordination Division (DCD) of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MFEM) has commissioned the Frankfurt School to assist them with applying to the Adaptation Fund (AF) for accreditation as a National Implementing Entity (NIE). This accreditation will allow the government the preferred modality of direct access to climate change funding, allowing better in-country management and delivery of climate change adaptation (CCA) projects and programmes which are aligned with its national strategies.

The technical assistance consultancy will last 7 months, and will  include the following tasks: (1) to assist the Cook Islands with preparing an NIE accreditation application to the AF Accreditation panel; and (2), to provide capacity building to ensure that the DCD are equipped to successfully follow up with the application to the AF Accreditation panel and deliver the NIE modality. The joint work of the Frankfurt School and the DCD will also seek to improve the Cook Island government’s level of ‘readiness’ to directly access other global climate funds (climate finance readiness) such as the pending Green Climate Fund, and also to mobilize and scale-up finance in-country.  

The Cook Island’s Adaptation Fund Accreditation project builds upon the experience gained through the  FS-UNEP Centre project, the “National Climate Finance Institutions Supper Programme (NCFISP). Through NCFISP the Centre together with UNEP worked with (6) developing countries in the South Pacific, Africa, Latin America and Asia to build climate finance readiness for the Adaptation Fund, the pending Green Climate Fund, and to increase in-country funding for climate change. 

Project Manager: 

Carola Menzel

FS-UNEP Centre
Senior Project Manager

Project duration: 
01.2014 to 07.2014