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SUNREF East Africa

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SUNREF East Africa

East Africa’s transition process toward renewable energy (RE) sources is essential for the region’s overall development. The project’s objective is to achieve the diversification of energy sources in a technically, economically, and financially viable manner. Target investments are mainly projects of maximum USD 13 million in hydroelectricity, biomass, biogas, solar PV, and wind power. Other eligible projects are energy efficiency (EE) improvements, mainly in the agribusiness sector. These EE/RE investments will also contribute to the sustainability of the investors’ business through more secure power supply and lower energy expenses.

AFD provides a credit facility to financial institutions in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania for financing of above mentioned investments. The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) manages the Regional Technical Assistance (RTA) Platform. The consortium of Burgeap/ICE and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management implement the RTA by supporting financial institutions and investors through the entire investment process.

The Regional Technical Assistance Programme entered into a second phase in May 2014 and is part of AFD's framework Programme Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Energy Finance.

Project duration: 
08.2011 to 05.2016