Results-based Climate Finance Initiative Mapping, Outlining and Assessment

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Results-based Climate Finance Initiative Mapping, Outlining and Assessment

The project aimed to improve understanding of potential Results-based Climate Finance (RBCF) opportunities and limitations. Mitigation and adaptation related RBCF initiatives in the climate context were  studied and assessed. The assessment facilitates the understanding of the relevance of RBCF from a climate finance and climate policy perspective and leads to the identification of potential pilot areas for RBCF schemes. The project consisted of the following four pillars:

  • Development of a concept foundation and analytical framework
  • Mapping RBCF initiatives and development of a database
  • Assessment, lessons learnt and guiding principles & design
  • Identification and outline of pilot areas

The project was implemented by in-house experts at Frankfurt School.

In May 2017, the report "Results-Based Climate Finance in Practice: Delivering Climate Finance for Low-Carbon Development " was published. For more information on the report, click here, or download it directly here.

Project Manager: 

Dr. Christine Grüning

FS-UNEP Centre
Senior Project Manager and Policy Expert

Prof. Dr. Ulf Moslener

FS-UNEP Centre
Head of Research

Project duration: 
02.2016 to 06.2017