Measuring Mobilised Private Climate Finance (German G7 Presidency and Paris Climate Agreement)

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Measuring Mobilised Private Climate Finance (German G7 Presidency and Paris Climate Agreement)

Industrial countries committed to mobilise USD 100 billion of climate finance for developing countries from different financing sources. At the beginning of this project, there were no internationally harmonised options and data for measuring mobilised private finance. The OECD Research Collaborative and selected governments/ministries, among others, have begun to conduct studies on this issue. This study is based on the syntheses report of the OECD RC “Estimating mobilised private climate finance: methodological approaches, options and trade-offs”.

The goal of the project was to provide direct support and advisory to the German Federal Ministry for Environment (BMUB) in the context of the German Presidency of the G7 and the international climate negotiations at the Conference of the Parties (COP) 21 in Paris.

In the study, four different options (Scenarios) for the most accurate estimates of mobilised private climate finance in relation to the commitment of industrialised countries to mobilise USD 100 billion to climate finance from different financing sources were developed. These Scenarios were quantified for the total or certain segments of German climate financing. Subsequently, these alternatives of quantifying mobilised private climate finance were discussed and assessed based on the evaluation criteria of the OECD Research Collaborative.

The main activities within the project were:

  • Proposition of four feasible methods/Scenarios for measuring mobilised private climate finance
  • Collection of data on climate finance and quantification/estimation of private climate finance mobilized
  • Discussion and assessment of the Scenarios based on the evaluation criteria of the OECD RC
  • Delivery of a final report measuring the actual level of mobilised private climate finance, taking into account the feedback from OECD RC and BMUB and final presentation of the results.

Please find our finalised study "Options for Estimating Mobilised Private Climate Finance" here.

Project Manager: 

Karol Kempa

FS-UNEP Centre
Project Manager and Researcher

Prof. Dr. Ulf Moslener

FS-UNEP Centre
Head of Research

Project duration: 
02.2015 to 04.2016