Implementation of EE Strategy and Product Development at Megabank, Ukraine

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Implementation of EE Strategy and Product Development at Megabank, Ukraine

The Green for Growth Fund Southeast Europe (GGF) provides Megabank, Ukraine with a credit line for financing energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) investments to Ukrainian Micro, SME and Corporate clients. Through its Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) Megabank is supported with a technical assistance component for development of EE strategy and loan products with the final goal of institutionalising the EE lending into the bank's structure.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management on behalf of GGF TAF provides the technical assistance to Megabank which consists of implementing following services:

  • EE strategy and product development;
  • Organisational implementation of EE & RE lending to internalise it into the bank’s existing structure, including adaptation of internal procedures for new loan products;
  • Specialised capacity-building services through trainings and coaching of bank’s loan officers and in-house trainers,
  • Marketing of EE investments and both external and in-house awareness raising, and
  • Active lending activities and support in adaptation of internal procedures
Our expert team is envisioned to support the bank in adding EE loans to its core product portfolio and in developing and implementing an EE lending strategy and operations as well as strengthening internal capabilities of Megabank for successful EE lending to final beneficiaries. This objective is in line with the mandate of GGF to expand EE-related lending activities in the target region. 
Project duration: 
10.2012 to 08.2013