Identification and Structuring of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Investments in Indonesia

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Identification and Structuring of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Investments in Indonesia

The Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD) places a major focus of their operations in Indonesia on climate change. Besides traditional project finance, the AFD is supporting Indonesia’s climate policy through sectorial budgetary loans, credit lines dedicated to low carbon projects and technical assistance. In cooperation with the UK Department for International Development, the AFD wishes to further encourage low carbon growth in Indonesia, by promoting investments in the sectors of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency.

The technical cooperation programme aimed at supporting investments in these sectors by further analysing their feasibility, incentives and financing schemes in Indonesia. This was achieved through the mobilisation and sharing of public and private sector expertise.

The objective was to identify and to map existing projects under development within the energy efficiency and renewable energies sectors according to

  1. their typology (amount required, sector etc.),
  2. their stage of development (pre-feasibility etc.)
  3. the nature of current barriers preventing their financing (financial, regulatory, technical etc.).

Based on this mapping, the consortium of Burgeap, ENV Indonesia, and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management was developing a roadmap which detailed comprehensive technical cooperation actions to be implemented in order to overcome the identified barriers.

In a second step, the consortium provideed support to the implementation of the identified roadmap. Key elements of the implementation were energy audits in the industry and the building sector as well as designing and implementing investment plans. Moreover, the consortium organised seminars and provided specific training in the field of RE/EE investment.

Project Manager: 

Martin Cremer

FS-UNEP Centre
Deputy Head of Centre

Project duration: 
12.2011 to 09.2014