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Covenant of Mayors going East

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Covenant of Mayors going East

The purpose of the Covenant of Mayors (COMO) Going East is to assist the cities of Vinnitsa, Ukraine, Beltsy, Moldova, and Icheri Sheher, Azerbaijan by providing a concrete contribution to the preparation and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPS) as part of their commitment as signatory cities to the “Covenant of Mayors”. The European Commission’s Covenant of Mayors is the mainstream movement for Europe’s local and regional authorities for increasing Energy Efficiency and use of Renewable Energy sources. Signatories of the covenant, which now totals some 4, 070 cities, have committed themselves to go beyond the objectives of EU energy policy of at least 20% reduction of greenhouse emissions. SEAPs define the activities and measures signatory cities will undertake to achieve their CO2 reduction targets.

Other aims of COMO include:

  • Enhanced general public awareness on climate change issues
  • Efficiency / Renewable Energy measures linked to the implementation of the city SEAPS
  • Completion of demonstration projects in Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy linked to the implementation of city SEAPs 
To reach these targets the Centre team is supporting COMO by delivering training sessions on climate change mitigation, adaptation measures and Sustainable Energy Finance with tailor-made training materials. Furthermore the Centre focuses on researching and providing key facts and figures from Eastern Europe and Caucasus regions.

Last but not least Frankfurt School’s experts are providing assistance in the drafting of the policy assessment, reviewing SEAP documents on specific topics such as sustainable transport and Energy Efficiency in buildings and preparing case studies based on international best practices.


Project duration: 
02.2012 to 12.2014