Climate Finance Innovation Facility

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Climate Finance Innovation Facility

The Climate Finance Innovation Facility (CFIF) supports finance-industry engagement in the new climate sectors Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. The Facility provides developing country financial institutions with technical assistance and funding for the development of climate focused financial products and services.

A broad range of activities are eligible for support, ranging from feasibility studies, to market assessments and legal reviews.The overall aim of CFIF is to help mobilise a scaling up of financial flows into climate change solutions. More broadly, by encouraging early action within the finance community, the facility helps cultivate on-the-ground leadership amongst financial actors that can have replication effects across markets and geographies.

Initiators of the facility are the United Nations Environment Programme and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Project Manager: 

Marjan Stojiljkovic

FS-UNEP Centre
Project Manager and Sustainable Energy Finance Expert


Project duration: 
10.2009 to 12.2014