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ATI Institution Building

The African Energy Guarantee Fund (AEGF) is being developed as one of the key EU responses to the SE4All initiative. The objective of AEGF is to provide risk mitigation and credit enhancement solutions to facilitate and increase private sector involvement in the African energy sector. AEGF has identified the African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) as a uniquely positioned partner to access the African market.

The Africa Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) is a Nairobi based multilateral institution that offers political risk and credit risk insurance products to support trade and investment in its African member states. It was founded in 2001 and has made progress in scaling up its activities. However, ATI has not yet been active in underwriting sustainable energy projects.

Therefore, the aim of this project is to prepare ATI to be the local partner of AEGF by strengthening its capacity to underwrite energy projects. Furthermore, a business plan for ATI’s SE4All activities will be developed, together with a strategy to increase the mobilization of private re- and co-insurance. Finally, the project also contains a communication component in order to increase awareness among the relevant institutions in ATI’s member states and potentially also attract new member states.

Project duration: 
10.2014 to 10.2017