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The Adaptation Finance Fellowship Programme

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The Adaptation Finance Fellowship Programme

Update: The Adaptation Finance Fellowship Programme (AFFP) is now open for applications. For further information and submission of applications please visit our official Project Website.

Achieving a binding and universal agreement on a targeted limitation of temperature increase to below 2 degrees in Paris marks the beginning of new era. Climate finance will remain high on the agenda also in the post-Paris era with massive funding needs to achieve carbon emission neutrality in the second half of this century. Paris also placed an increased focus on financing climate adaptation activities with an established adaptation goal including enhancing adaptive capacity, strengthening resilience and reducing climate vulnerability.

As a result of the increasing international importance of adaptation, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) set up the Adaptation Finance Fellowship Programme (AFFP) - Linking Research, Policy and Business.

The AFFP supports and promotes exceptional individuals from the scientific community, policy and private sector in climate adaptation related fields from developing and emerging countries. This interdisciplinary exchange contributes to building leadership in adaptation finance across sectors for enhanced knowledge and sharing good practices in adaptation finance from policy, private sector and research angles around the globe, and to enable the development of relevant climate solutions.

The fellowships are open to highly motivated applicants from developing and emerging countries who wish to pursue an academic of professional career in climate adaptation and finance, or who are already working in this field. Applicants can apply for one of three tracks:

The policy track is targeted to young and mid-career professionals, primarily within the public sector who have a background and work experience in a field relevant to climate change.

The business track is designed for professionals with a background and work experience in the private sector, including microfinance, banking and insurance, project development, risk analysis, and corporate social responsibility.

The research track is targeted at early career researchers (e.g. graduate students or post-graduates) at universities, ministries, research centres or action research NGOs who are working in the field of climate change adaptation.

The Programme is managed and overseen by Dr. Barbara Drexler, Associate Dean of International Affairs at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and is responsible for International Executive Education, Student Recruitment and Academic Partnerships. The research directors are Dr. Nipon Poapongsakorn, a Distinguished Fellow of TDRI, and Prof. Dr. Ulf Moslener, Head of Research at the FS-UNEP Centre. The business director is Silvia Kreibiehl, Head of the FS-UNEP Centre.

AFFP fellows will take part in customised workshops, academies in Frankfurt and Bangkok, as well as online-based webinars. The researcher fellows will also secure a research grant, get access to a mentorship programme with internationally recognised experts in climate and adaptation finance, and receive publication opportunities.

In conjunction with the AFFP, Frankfurt School will build on the online course “Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance (CECRF)” to offer a “Certified Expert in Climate Adaptation Finance (CECAF)”. The CECAF will start in March 2017, with two course runs offered per year from March to August and September to February. More information and the application details about the AFFP and CECAF will be available in August 2016. More information on the CECRF can be found at:

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Project duration: 
04.2016 to 03.2020