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The Centre’s research programme is unique in its emphasis on finance perspectives in Sustainable Energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation, investor’s decisions and the role of financial institutions and incentives. Research focuses on the consequences of incentives on a macro scale – be it from carbon markets, emission taxes, other regulation, or the work of international institutions – on private sector decision-making. Analyses are to help catalyse private sector capital flow towards investments in Sustainable Energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Particular emphasis is on the public-private sector interface.

In exploring the link between the general characteristics of Sustainable Energy and climate investments, related regulation as well as institutions and the investor’s decision, the Centre may provide results not only of interest to the private (and public) investor, but also to public policy, in designing promotional or other regulatory schemes or providing public institutions with a mandate.

Including the cross-cutting focus on Corporate Finance, four core research areas are covered by the Centre:

The methodological approaches range from conceptual and theoretical modelling and analysis via econometric/statistical analysis and quantitative finance to systematic case-study-based analysis. As much of the anticipated investment is due to happen in developing countries, related specific aspects are appropriately represented in the research work. Here a cross-fertilisation of ideas and experiences with the project implementation group inside Frankfurt School’s International Advisory Services will leverage both the research results as well as the experiences from applied project work.


Prof. Dr. Ulf Moslener

FS-UNEP Centre
Head of Research