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Advisory Projects

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Advisory Projects

Our team’s research results are not only applied in education but through project implementation. Projects are targeted at financial institutions, but also government agencies and the industry.

The Centre’s experts implement the findings from research into projects. These projects are largely targeted at financial institutions, but also at governments and the industry. Our team offers customised solutions for the specific areas in which our clients operate. In its project work, the Centre:

  • Develops products for different business segments;
  • Assists in incorporating new types of finance into their product lines;
  • Builds financial awareness and capacity through on-site and targeted training courses in energy finance;
  • Promotes innovative finance delivery channels;
  • Provides technical assistance to manage local investment funds;
  • Prepares market assessments of new markets or segments and feasibility studies for sustainable energy finance instruments in specific countries.

For further details on advisory projects please refer to our project list!